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I’m back after filming a wedding on the Isle of Man and I am pleased to say… I survived the experience to tell the tale!!

The wedding was on Saturday and I ended up filming four hours footage from the day. The day was relatively problem free – just the odd moment when I thought things were going to go terribly wrong – but it didn’t. I got everything I needed to be able to produce a quality wedding video for the happy couple… phew!

The nerve racking part of the weekend was the father of the bride requesting to see some of the raw footage on Sunday afternoon (yesterday). I gave him the speech about the un-edited qualities of the raw footage etc,. Fortunately he was very pleased with what I’d filmed and was starting to get all emotional at seeing his daughters wedding….. PHEW!!!

Anyway, I filmed a little video blog of the whole event and will post it on here hopefully within the next twenty-four hours.

Thank you for visiting!


PS – I was asked to do another wedding video by one of the bridesmaids who’s getting married in the Lake District in about fourteen weeks – I’m very tempted!

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