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If there is one thing I’ve learnt over the last few years in my self taught film education… SOUND IS VERY IMPORTANT, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!!

I announced in the last post the addition of a world class Production Sound Mixer to the team, and today I am delighted to be able to announce the addition of a world class Dubbing Mixer to the Love Like Hers team.

This really is testament to the level of production we’re aiming for on this low budget short film.

Mike Aiton
Dubbing Mixer

Award winning post production and sound design in film, TV and new media.

Mike has many years experience working in the industry. Including 5 years working for the BBC. Mike was involved in the pilot episodes for the Cold Feet team (one in Dolby Surround). Mike’s impressive resume stretches for miles, and includes mixing some great projects at Clearcut, such as BBC’s Horizon, and the award winning Hannibal, the man who hated Rome.

It was a delight to chat to Mike over the phone recently to discuss the project and going forward with the sound design of this project. Mike opened my eyes to some very interesting audio technical questions that need looking at.

It is my great pleasure to welcome Mike to the Love Like Hers team!

You can find out more about Mike and his work by visiting his website http://www.mikerophonics.com and please do follow him on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/mikerophonics

NEWS: The blog has had a splash of paint, new curtains and some new furniture. Hope you like the new, fresher layout!! 

LIVE SHOW: Just a quick reminder that my Live show has moved to Tuesday evenings, 9pm UK time via my Livestream Channel http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm The show is an open and honest account of my journey as a filmmaker, I literally share EVERYTHING with the audience!! 

Many thanks for visiting the blog and do stay close, LOTS of updates to come!!


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