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I’m racing through my first year as an aspiring writer and director, although I’ve kind of lost track of when this all started. I might have passed my first year already!

The plan is to become a respected film maker within three years, I’m currently in year one. It’s amazing how much I’ve learnt already and just how much respect I have for the many steps involved in making a film and getting it out into the public domain. This is before I’ve made anything!

I’m really happy with my progress through the early development stages of my movie making career. I’m in the learning-to-crawl stage at the moment. I’m reading as many books on the subject as possible, watching as many DVD’s, listening to lots of pod casts and generally researching the internet for film resources.

The next phase will be to set out a two year plan for film development. This will help guide me through what I believe to be achievable film making targets. Starting with no budget short features and developing gradually to more sophisticated and much better quality short movie features. Learning more and developing my skills further in the film making trade.

The next few years will see me working on the following:

You Tube Music Video – a short feature with a local dance group and a classic soul track.

The movie trailer (title tbc) – I’m currently working on an idea for what will simply be a movie trailer feature promoting a forthcoming blockbuster movie. A movie that doesn’t exist! This feature is purely a movie teaser!

Untitled detective thriller – I had a great (well, I think it’s great) idea for a twist in a movie and decided to set it in a detective style thriller. I’m not going to say too much about the story just yet. This project is in early development as I work on the treatment ready for draft one of the screenplay.

Untitled documentary – something completely different to help me gain experience other elements of filming, producing, editing etc. I’ll be choosing a subject matter that is close to my heart and producing a ten minute documentary feature on that subject. Nothing has been decided yet regarding this project but it’s on my list of things to do!

I’m trying hard to spend as much time as I have available to me for working on my film making career. This is really difficult when you have to do ‘proper-job’ tasks to pay the bills etc. I’m extremely busy at the moment with my Stada Media business and all my radio work (I present on several stations across Yorkshire). However, I’ve set Friday’s to one side to concentrate on film stuff (Film Friday’s). The idea is to get in a t least 5 hours film work on a Friday. Anything else on top of that is a bonus!

Thank you for visiting!

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