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Adding more conflict to the story of ‘P.I.’ today. I want to make the hero go through so much more during the 25 minute film. It’s important to have contrast in most, if not ALL, scenes. He goes into the scene happy, he leaves sad etc. I’ve also added a very compelling B-story that I’m sure will work well in the film.

I’m still tweaking the tag and logline for the movie. It’s nearly there, just looking at a few alternatives. Here’s what I have at the moment:

TAGLINE: “It’s a killer investigation”
LOGLINE: “A private investigator in trouble… a case that could save him… a discovery that will kill him.”

I’m really happy with the development of the story and its characters. I did have most of the first draft of the screenplay done, but decided to go back and work some more on the major beats of the story before trying again.

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