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I’m deep into pre-production on my short film Love Like Hers and the clock is ticking away and there is so much to do. You might say, It’s a little bit stressful as the pressure is now on.

I must firstly apologise for the lack of blog updates recently, that will now change and I’ll do everything I can to post regularly.

There’s a few things I need to mention on this blog posting. I’ll start with my visit to a media college last Friday. I was invited in to talk about my film journey so far and to help inspire the students and introduce them to the world of indie film through the eyes of an ambitious and innovative (if not a little crazy) indie filmmaker, me. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I genuinely do believe, from the feedback I got, that the students were inspired. Job done! I just basically took them through my journey so far. From picking up that first film making book, researching on the Internet and being self taught. Then on to filming my first short film on zero budget, Angel of the Night. To the innovative way in which I’m making my next short film, Love Like Hers.

This is another example of how effective Twitter is as a PR and marketing tool. The invitation to do the presentation came from someone who was following my progress via Twitter!

Hi to all the students (pictured) that were in the presentation. A lot of them now on Twitter and making new friends and being inspired to follow their film making dreams. Good luck guys!

In other news…

I’m very pleased to announce the arrival of a new member of the Love Like Hers film making team. Bethan Kerys Davies (pictured) joins the team as Production Assistant. It will be her job to keep me on track as I’m playing the role of producer on this film. Bethan will help on with many aspects of pre-production as well as being on set during principal photography. Please do visit the official Love Like Hers website to find out more http://www.lovelikehers.com

There will be more announcements in the VERY near future as I hope to confirm more new members of what is turning out to be quite a talented team of individuals all coming together to help get this film made.

And finally…

Keep your eye on my Livestream Channel for the odd random live show. I will be switching the camera on from time to time during the screenwriting process. I said from the word go that I was going to share EVERY aspect of my journey. That’s what makes what I am doing totally unique and indeed innovative. You’ll see me writing my screenplay and also talking about it, sharing problems and chatting to other screenwriters about the process.

I’m also changing the day and time for the fortnightly live show. In an attempt to make the LIVE show available to more people I’m moving it to TUESDAY nights at 9pm UK time.

The NEXT live show, Episode 12 of The Filmamaker’s Journey will now be TUESDAY 15TH JUNE at 9pm UK time via my Livestream Channel http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm.

If you would like to contribute to my next film Love Like Hers and really help us get this film made please do visit the dedicated Love Like Hers fund raising site. We need £10,000 to make this film, we’ve raised just over £3,000 but we need more. With your help we can get this incredible film made http://www.lovelikehers.com/funds

Many thanks for stopping by and for all of your support.

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