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I’m in the middle of putting together the ‘Directors Cut’ of my debut short (very short) horror film Angel of the Night. Principle photography for the film wrapped on Monday, a two-minute version of the film then had to be edited together in no time to send to a national short horror competition for Zone Horror. Add to this all the work I’ve got on at the moment (in my proper job) and you see just how little time I have at the moment.

It’ll take me another few weeks to get a final cut of the film together that I can be totally happy with.

I’ve just finished the teaser clip for the film and please do take a second to watch it – http://www.youtube.com/user/dannylaceyfilm

I hope to edit together some of the behind the scenes footage soon.

Please do come back and thanks for visiting.


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  1. paul

    i am paul hayes, a friend of fellow irishman FRANK RYAN.by the way i am in your film, i play franks tartan shirt i lent him, my company is : MR TOYS & BALLOONS CO. i supply your own design & logo or photo printed on BALLOONS of your choice for PRMOTIONAL EVENTS. well done on the film it was terrific. YOURS, REGARDS paul HAYES.


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