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I was location scouting the other day and checking out the location I have in mind for external scenes in the woods. A very productive day which ended up with me spooking myself out as I was filming in the woods on my own – and I could swear I was hearing voices out there!! Mind you, it was a very windy day!

This was shot during daylight hours and ‘Angel of the Night’ will be shot late evening/dusk time using moonlight and cleverly placed subtle lighting to light our scenes.

I edited the footage I shot and put together a very short tester to get a feel for how the woods will perform (only next time it will be at night).

You can see the video here (warning, there is a slight possibility it’ll scare you… a little).


More updates to come soon. I’m really looking forward to seeing the storyboards for the film that are being drawn as we speak. Reggy Hafkenscheid, a talented artist from the Netherlands is currently working on these.

Thanks for visiting.

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