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With the screenplay for my short, two-minute, horror movie now finished, it’s time to shuffle into pre-production mode.

An essential part of any new film maker’s career is the part in which he/she must go cap-in-hand and ask for FREE help. Fortunately, there are many like minded individuals out there who appreciate how important it is to help out in these circumstances. Through the power of social networking sites like Twitter, I’ve built friendships with folk in the film making business who are willing to help. Phew!

Rest assured, when the film projects with budgets start to roll in – these talented individuals will be at the very top of my list of people to hire!!

So far, I have a talented designer working on the poster for ‘Angel of the Night’, and more recently I’ve made contact with an uber talented movie artist based in the Netherlands. We’re currently discussing the look and feel of the film for the storyboard artwork. He loves the screenplay and is very enthusiastic about the project. I’ll update you when there are more developments on the storyboards. It’s all very exciting.

I want the camera to be rolling within four weeks and there’s lots to do in pre-production. I already have an actor in mind for one of the three main roles in the film. I need two older male actors (50s/60s) and a younger male actor (20s/30s). I’ll be increasing casting efforts early next week.

As far as locations are concerned – all I need are some dense woods for the external scenes and a traditional old pub with a big open fire for the internal scenes. I already have the woods sorted and will be looking around for the pub location next week.

I’ll be filming a video ‘behind the scenes’ blog for the project and to be posted here.

Keep visiting for more updates on ‘Angel of the Night’ – plenty more coming up over the next few weeks.

Thanks for taking time out of your day and stopping by.

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