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I recently launched a brand new service for actors, a website design and showreel editing service. I wanted to take advantage of my editing and web design experience to help generate some extra income (filmmaking is an expensive business and there are bills to be paid).

To help me promote my showreel editing services, I’m looking for a talented actor who has a handful of good quality tv and film video clips, to make a demo showreel.

Here’s the deal, for the lucky actor, you’ll send me all of the clips you want in your showreel, I’ll then get to work on cutting you a kick-ass showreel, for FREE. The only catch is, I get to use the finished demo to promote my showreel editing services (via my website, blog and social media), that’s it. You get a professional and cool looking showreel and I get something to show off my editing service.


Please email your details to actor@stadamedia.co.uk as well as a brief outline of the tv and (or) video clips you have, what format you have them in at the moment and file size for each of the clips as well as any other information you might have. I’ll then select someone who I think fits what I need to produce a fantastic demo.  Closing date is November 14th 2012.

Please do spread the word, this really is a fantastic opportunity for any actor.

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