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I’ve found a great location for the pub scenes of my short horror film ‘Angel of the Night’.

I was out and about earlier looking at a few ideal locations but settled on one particular pub in Morley. Perfect for what I need. The landlord has very kindly given us access for the morning and a little portion of the afternoon which if fantastic news.

The Angel of the Night crew will be allowed access from just after 9am to get in and dress the set. I’ll be needing a few extra props and some rearranging of furniture to get what I’m looking for but am very confident it will look the part.

I’ll be needing small ambient lighting in the pub as I’m after a nice contrasting feel to create that filmic look. I’m thinking that my 800 watt redheads might be a little over the top.

So, that’s the locations sorted.

Still plenty to do before next Monday.

Thanks for visiting and if you do want to get in touch, maybe to lend your support or to offer your services, please do email me dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk.

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