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Things are moving at a great pace now and everything seems to be coming together (touch wood yes). It’s amazing how many contacts I’ve developed over the years too, some that I’d almost forgotten about…. always, always look back through your lists of contacts – it’s amazing what you might find.

I had more great news today, on top of having a DoP confirmed, I’ve managed to get my hands on the lighting kit I need for the INT. PUB scenes.

Danny Howarth at ProVision in Leeds has very kindly put the kit together, including the Sony Z1, and an assortment of lighting gear. This lifts a huge weight from my shoulders as lighting was my main concern. I have a great DoP on the team and I want to make sure I can give him some lights to play with!

So, my thanks to Danny and the team at ProVision, Leeds and if you’re ever in the market for film equipment (and they can supply pretty much everything you’d need) get in touch.

http://www.provisionequipment.tv or call 0113 222 8222

Right, getting things ready for this evenings screen tests.

Thanks for visiting.


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