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I now have my cast for ‘Angel of the Night’. They are Peter Foster, Frank Ryan and John Guilor and I’m really looking forward to working with them on Monday and watching them really bring my characters and story to life.

I’ve just been sorting through all the paper work, call sheets, cast & crew contacts list, release forms etc., etc. Hoping I haven’t missed anything.

Many thanks to all the actors who showed an interest in this film project – very much appreciated!

The one area that maybe causing me some issues is wardrobe and make-up. The actors are very kindly bringing a selection of clothing to help and I’m hoping to source a make-up artist soon.

Ok, now I’m starting to feel nervous. I’m going through that feeling of wanting EVERYTHING to be perfect for the crew and actors on the day, knowing full well there’ll more than likely be the odd blip along the way.

I guess it’s the fact that everyone has given their time up for FREE to come and work on MY film. If I was paying them for their efforts I’m sure I’d be feeling slightly different. Anyway..

I must remain grounded and focused on the fact that this is a no budget film. This means we’ll just have to do the best we can with what we’ve got – there’s no money to go overboard. Here goes.

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