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Hi – Danny’s girlfriend here at the helm of the latest blog entry once again.

What a difference a day makes! At the start of Friday our director/producer/script writer Danny was tearing his hair out with a massive list of jobs that needed to be done before filming on Tuesday.

On that list:
– Sourcing a Low Loader
– Hotels and accommodation
– Catering
– Sourcing Butterflies
– Car for the car scene
– Flowers for the garden scene
– Props and transportation of the props
– Answering and sending countless emails
Thankfully, yesterday was a highly productive day for Danny and most items have been crossed off that to do list!

It’s funny how you expect that you can now do most things on the Internet… hotels ‘I’ll get them off the net’ the Car for the car scene ‘I’ll look on Auto Trader online’ yet some how the vast amount of information online becomes a hindrance and suddenly there’s just too much information and you’re getting nowhere!

So, on to the phones we went, making calls and speaking to actual people; doing it the old fashioned way! Making endless calls to hoteliers going back and forth with quotes and dates, some folk were helpful and others not. We even spoke to a guy in the Caribbean (which made our stay on the Isle of Man seam somewhat less appealing)!!

I dread to see the mobile bill when we get home, the extra charges to use your mobile here will no doubt hit Danny where it hurts, his pocket!!

But, now with just 3 days to go, Danny’s stress levels are now at 30% and that 30% is just down to apprehension and excitement ahead of shooting on Tuesday.

A massive thank you to Bickers who have confirmed the booking for a Low Loader, a massive weight has been lifted off Danny’s shoulders now that has been sorted. Roomzzz Leeds have been brilliant in housing cast for the length of the shoot. Even the weather is looking better for next week too… with 2 out of the 3 days forecast for sunshine.

So with this great news and things moving in the right direction, we’ll take this opportunity to take an afternoon off and enjoy the spoils of the Isle of Man, see some sights and relax for the afternoon ahead of what will be one hell of a BUSY week!

Have a good weekend!

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