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I only have time for a very quick posting on the blog. Just not enough hours in the day at the moment. I’m away most of the weekend with my girlfriend, it’s her birthday (she could have chosen another weekend to have her birthday on lol).

So, manic this morning sorting last minute issues. My girlfriend has kindly offered her services as make-up lady on Monday (phew). Catering has been sorted and I’ve just picked up the filming equipment from ProVision in Leeds (thanks again to Danny Howarth, see older post). He’s sorted me out with a great lighting kit that I’m more than sure will do the trick. Sill looking at options for the evening shoot. We’re in the woods, no electricity! Gunna be shooting in the evening just before the sun goes down so we have a little light to play with (although it wont be much). Trying to get my hands on some powerful torches.

So, hopefully everything is sorted and ready to go. If anything else is needed – well, it’s just tough and we’ll have to work round it, isn’t that what guerilla film making is all about anyway?

I must say a very big thank you for all of your support, the amount of visits the blog is getting, replies to my Tweets and emails is quite remarkable. Thank you!

Keep visiting the site – I’ll be filming some behind the scenes footage and uploading some time next week.

Thanks for visiting


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