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It’s been another productive day in the Love Like Hers production office. I love how saying that makes it sound like there are lots of us sat in an office, all on the phones, emailing etc., trying to get this film made. Reality is, it’s just me!!

This film is a VERY steep learning curve for me as a film maker, a writer, a producer, a director. But at the same time a fabulous networking tool. I’ve said right from the word go, I want to build a talented and enthusiastic team to help on this AND future projects. The amount of new contacts I’m making is staggering. I’m talking to people who have worked on some incredible films (i.e. Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code, Stardust, Clash of the Titans and the list goes on).

I’m getting even closer to confirming some very important additions to the Love Like Hers crew. A 1ST AD, a Production Designer, a Focus Puller/Loader, Costume/Wardrobe person, Line Producer and others.

Here’s a few updates for you:

Leoni Kibbey, Casting Director, has approached the actors on my wish list. I want a very high calibre of actors on this project, I can’t make the film on anything less! We got some great news today, one of the actors has said YES to working on this film and is very excited about the project. They liked the screenplay. Can’t mention names just yet I’m afraid as we have to now go through the finer details, contracts etc.

FUND RAISING (http://www.lovelikehers.com/funds):
I’m trying, with every ounce of energy and effort left in me to raise the funds to shoot this film. We’re £6.5k away from reaching the £10k target. That’s some way to go. I’m looking at how I can get some of my own money together to put into the pot. Means I’m going to have to get more work in, work harder to get the money I need for will be an incredible film.

I’m not just asking people to give money with nothing in return. I’m offering all sorts of creative and innovative incentives on the dedicated Love Like Hers fund raising page. Click Here. On there you will also see the huge amount of people who have already contributed to this film.

If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll know that the composer for Love Like Hers made a song specifically for Love Like Hers. Vocals by Anna Goldsmith. I co-wrote the lyrics. A music video was made for the song (that I produced and directed). Now available to download.

Anna Goldsmith ‘Here Tomorrow (Love Like Hers)’
mp3 download for just £1.50
HD music video for just £2.50
Click Here to go to download page (it’s very simple and straight forward to download)

With your help I can pay for ALL cast and crew on this film. We’ve got 24 days!

Thanks for stopping by, plenty more filmmaking updates to come.

e: dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk
t: +44 (0) 113 815 2005

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