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They say, ‘when it rains, it pours’. They weren’t wrong.

It’s all happening in the Love Like Hers production office. Everything is really coming together and falling into place for production of my first major short film project. I’d like to start with some incredible news, something that I wasn’t expecting in a million years.

A private individual, who has requested anonymity, has been following my progress over the last 12 months (yes, 12 months!) and got in touch with me recently. They wanted to read the screenplay for Love Like Hers, as they were considering contributing a significant amount to the funds if the script was good. My heart began racing at this point. Could this be the answer to my crowd funding budget needs?  I immediately sent over the script. I didn’t hear anything for a couple of days before….

It happened yesterday. An email, an offer. A real boost for this film project. A contribution of £5,000 towards the funds needed to make Love Like Hers. That’s right… £5,000!!!!!! I still can’t believe it, having to pinch myself, even as I write this. We’re nearly there, this is like a dream come true or something.

As it stands, we’ve now raised £8,392. That’s 84% of the £10k needed to help cover cast and crew costs etc. There’s still two weeks left to raise the rest and with one big final push we can reach our crowd funding target.

Please, if you can afford to contribute towards what I’m sure will be an incredible film. Do check out the dedicated fund raising page, packed with lots of creative and fun incentives. The main aim of each of the incentives is to raise as much money as possible to help make this film. This includes paying for cast and crew!

Visit http://www.lovelikehers.com/funds

This is turning into a bit of a nightmare at the moment. Having spent the last few months talking to one particular lab and hearing prices etc that were incredibly appealing. It sounded like they were in for supporting this project. Then, I was past around and suddenly the process changed and prices increased dramatically. And I mean dramatically!!

So, I’ve made contact with another lab, ran them through my background etc. The response was incredible. I’m hoping to do business with this lab and looking forward to revealing their name, and indeed the name of the person I have been talking to who is genuine supporter of new emerging filmmakers, and fully understands the hurdles we have to jump to shoot on film. Watch this space for more!!

The screenplay has been sent to various individuals associated with this film, and some that aren’t but are working at a very high level in the industry. And without exception, ALL of the feedback has been very good. There was one email in particular that I wanted to share with you.

“Hey Danny, Great script – so gripping. I’ve been so busy with work and feeling very guilty, thought I better print it out, planning to read it tonight but I had a quick glance at the first page and ended up totally absorbed reading the whole thing to the end! I guess that’s exactly what you want with a short – to grab the viewer right away and take them on as big an emotional journey as possible in a very short space of time. You certainly achieved that.  I love all the butterfly imagery too – that’s going to look great on screen.

Can’t wait to see the final film now!” – Emilia Di Girolamo

Emilia is a screenwriter, award winning playwright and poet, a published author and journalist. Working predominantly as a television scriptwriter. Emilia is on the core writing team for Law & Order UK for ITV1.

There’s PLENTY more news to come on this film. I’m hoping to update the blog with the announcement of several new members to the team.

Also, potentially some MASSIVE news on one particular individual who is looking at joining the project. If he does, it would be a huge addition to the team and will launch our film into a whole new league. Very exciting.

Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support. It’s incredible how fast the indie film community is growing around the world, and just how supportive that community is to others.

e: dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk
t: 0113 815 2005

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