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I’m taking a short break from preparing tomorrows live show to write a quick live show update.

There’s going to be some VERY exciting features in this 24 hour marathon. The PR machine has been rolling with Rachel Devenport promoting the live show to a whole host of influential organisations. The show has received a stack of coverage on various indie film websites which is fabulous (thanks Rachel!).

There is still time to get involved with the show. If you’re an indie filmmaker, writer, creative bod get in touch and be featured on the show. All I ask is that you record a short guest video with your support for the live show AND then promote your projects, plug your blog/websites etc. Send the video over as a Quicktime movie (H.264), preferably in 16:9 aspect ratio and under 150mb in size. Please send it via ‘You Send It’ or something similar. If you have something interesting to share, get in touch!! But be quick!

Why not sponsor one of the hours on the show!! It’s FREE and all we ask is in return you write about the show on your blog/website. During your sponsored hour you’ll receive plenty of mentions about you and your projects etc. Be quick as spaces are very limited. Email me dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk.

Here are some highlights of what’s coming up in the show.

Thu 20th May 9pm: ‘THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH’
Here we go. Packed with guest videos and more info on the whole idea of the 24 Hour Live Show.

You’re going to love this section. We’ll be crossing over live to the Isle of Man for a live performance from Truman Falls, the incredibly talented Anna Goldsmith (who will be featured on the soundtrack to my next film Love Like Hers) and Dave Armstrong and rising singing star Christy DeHaven. It’s going to be incredible!

Thu 20th May 10pm – Midnight: ‘THE FILMMAKERS CHATROOM’
We’ll be trying something new in this part of the show. Integrating a LIVE chat with other filmmaker’s. Join in the conversation in the chat room, but also, why not contact us via Skype and chat live on the air!

Other features include THE SCREENWRITERS WORKSHOP, TV PROJECTS and so much more.

Keep checking the blog for the full and official programme schedule, I’ll hopefully have this online later today.

Thanks for visiting and please, please do spread the word. Tell the world!

Here’s the link to my Livestream Channel http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm


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