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It’s 01:22 UK time as I write this and I’m still working. Staying up late to await the arrival of Dave Armstrong and Christy DeHaven who will be helping out on Love Like Hers.

I’m pretty sure, aside from a few little things, that we’re good to go on filming Love Like Hers. I’ve done as much as I physically can. I’m now no longer working through the to-do list, I now find myself trying to find something to do. I’m hoping this is a good sign.

The budget has kind of spiralled out of control. We’re £1.5k  over budget at the moment. It’s amazing where those extra costs come from – travel expenses for cast and crew, hotel costs, props etc.

Producing this film has been quite an experience. I’m glad I took on the role of producer as it has been an eye opener. However, I will not be producing my next film that’s for sure. I’ll be leaving that to the professionals. The first thing I’ll be doing is finding a producer willing to work with me on the next film.

For any new film maker’s reading this who are planning on making a credible short/feature film, trust me when I say… WORK WITH AN EXPERIENCED PRODUCER!

Right, busy day ahead tomorrow. Final day of pre-production and still a few things to sort/confirm. The crew will be collecting the kit from ProVision later in the day. I’ll be collecting actors from the airport, train station and so much more. Will also need to spend some time with my DP and camera operator to go through the shot list and screenplay again.

Can’t go anywhere though until the 9x 400ft rolls of S16mm film have been delivered, they’ll hopefully arrive first thing.

Thanks for stopping by.


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